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Discover the ease of creating personalized 3D icons with mojju's AI Icon Generator. Ideal for digital content, our tool offers customizable designs, user-friendly interfaces, and innovative AI technology. Elevate your design process effortlessly.

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Key Functions:

  • Custom Icon Creation: The 3D Icon Wizard is adept at crafting single illustrations based on user input, focusing on one main object per icon.
  • Modern Minimalist Style: It adheres to a specific aesthetic: modern, minimalistic 3D design with smooth, matte finishes and soft, pastel colors.
  • User-Driven Design: Initial designs are based on initial user requests, with the ability to refine based on feedback.


  • Ideal for web designers, app developers, and digital marketers looking for unique, brand-specific icons.
  • Compatible with various digital platforms requiring high-quality, visually coherent iconography.

Additional Features:

  • Emphasizes rounded shapes and a playful concept.
  • Uses subtle shadows for depth, making the central object stand out against a flat color background.
  • Personalized approach: Adapts design suggestions based on user feedback.

Examples of Features:

  • Creating a 3D icon for a mobile app that requires a minimalist, friendly animal character.
  • Designing a website icon representing a specific service or product with a clean, modern look.
  • Generating unique icons for social media profiles or digital marketing campaigns.
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