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Give a URL to a public api documentation. Get an example of the API response quickly.

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Mojju's Public API Tester is an innovative tool designed to streamline the testing and development process for software professionals. This tool stands out by offering a straightforward function: users provide a URL to any public API documentation, and Mojju's tester efficiently generates an example of the API response. This feature is particularly beneficial for developers and testers who need to quickly understand how an API behaves or validate its responses without writing extensive code.

Key Functions:

  • API Response Generation: Automatically generates sample responses from public API documentation.
  • URL Input: Accepts URLs to any public API documentation as input.


  • Supports various public APIs accessible via URLs.
  • Compatible with standard web technologies.

Additional Features:

  • User-friendly interface: Designed for ease of use without requiring extensive technical knowledge.
  • Rapid response generation: Accelerates the API testing process.

Examples of Features:

  • A developer testing a weather API can input its documentation URL and immediately see a sample weather data response.
  • A tester verifying a social media API's functionality can quickly generate responses to understand data structure and content.

Purpose of the Description: The goal is to communicate Mojju's Public API Tester's primary function and benefits in a clear, accessible manner, suitable for both technical professionals and individuals with limited API knowledge.

Keyword Integration:

  • Mojju's Public API Tester is an essential tool in the realm of software development and testing. As a GPT-based application, it simplifies the process of understanding and testing APIs. It's an invaluable asset for developers and testers, aligning with the latest trends in AI and machine learning. Whether it's for AI-powered bots, API development, or simply gaining insights into new features in GPT-4, Mojju's tool provides practical solutions in an increasingly digital world.
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