Advanced Data Validator

Advanced Validator by Mojju is a specialized GPT for data validation, ensuring application integrity by verifying data like emails, phone numbers, passport IDs, and more, with detailed feedback for correction.

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Key Functions:

  • Data Validation: Validates a wide range of data inputs including emails, phone numbers, passport IDs, Tax IDs, credit cards, BICs, and BTC addresses.
  • Error Identification: Accurately identifies incorrect or fraudulent data, ensuring high-quality information processing.
  • Feedback Provision: Offers detailed feedback on submissions, highlighting incorrect or missing elements to guide user corrections.


  • Supports various data types for comprehensive application integrity.
  • Tailored for use in systems requiring high accuracy in data verification.

Additional Features:

  • Does not engage in financial advice or personal opinions, strictly adhering to its validation role.
  • Advises users to consult relevant authorities in cases of data validity uncertainty.

Example Features:

  • Users can input an email address to check its validity; the GPT will flag incorrect formats or potentially fraudulent emails.
  • When a user submits a Tax ID, the GPT provides feedback on its correctness, and if incorrect, indicates what might be wrong.

Versatility and Accessibility:

  • Designed for both technical and non-technical users, ensuring easy understanding and application.
  • Professional and friendly interaction style, making it approachable yet reliable.

Keyword Optimization:

  • Integrates keywords like "data validation GPT," "Advanced Validator by Mojju," and "accurate data verification" seamlessly.

Structure and Quality of Content:

  • Content is structured with clear headings and subheadings for easy navigation.
  • Balances technical details with user-friendly language.
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