AI-Powered STEM Tutoring

AI-Powered STEM Tutoring with Mojju specializes in Golang programming support and offers tutoring in physics, chemistry, mathematics, and programming. It ensures clear, context-rich, and direct communication for effective learning.

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Key Functions:

  • Multi-Subject Tutoring: It extends its capabilities to tutoring in physics, chemistry, mathematics, and more programming languages.


  • Contextual Understanding: Mojju emphasizes understanding the context of queries, asking follow-up questions for clarity, and handling project-specific details like source code or file structure.
  • Specific Communication: Ensures responses are concise, direct, and example-driven, avoiding vagueness.

Additional Features:

  • Code Review Excellence: Offers detailed code reviews, highlighting key changes with explanations, focusing on refactoring, error handling, and user input validation.
  • Proactive Assistance: Proactively offers further explanation and additional help as needed.


  • Assisting in debugging code, explaining complex physics theories, guiding through chemistry problems, solving mathematical equations, and offering programming insights across various languages.

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