Brainstormer by Mojju" is an AI-powered brainstorming assistant, offering rapid idea generation, idea development, categorization, and synthesis, for creative and structured brainstorming sessions.

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Key Functions:

  • Idea Generation: Rapidly generates a wide range of ideas, emphasizing quantity over quality to spark creativity.
  • Idea Expansion: Uses the "Yes, and..." technique to build upon and refine presented ideas, exploring variations and potential improvements.
  • Idea Categorization: Groups ideas into themes or categories, helping to identify common patterns and areas of focus.
  • Idea Synthesis: Combines elements from different ideas to propose new, comprehensive solutions.
  • Perspective Shifts: Offers ideas from various viewpoints, providing fresh angles and stakeholder perspectives.


  • Compatible with various brainstorming contexts, from business strategy to creative projects.
  • Adaptable to individual or team brainstorming sessions.

Additional Features:

  • User-friendly initiation with the command "Initiate Brainstormer by Mojju".
  • Concludes sessions with a comprehensive summary of ideas and insights.

Example Features:

  • "Unleash Creativity": Generate an array of creative concepts for a marketing campaign.
  • "Build on Ideas": Enhance an initial product idea with innovative features and applications.
  • "Organize Ideas": Group generated ideas for a new app into categories like user experience, functionality, and design.
  • "Combine Ideas": Synthesize concepts for an educational tool by blending technological and pedagogical elements.
  • "New Angle": Explore a business challenge from the perspective of different customer demographics.

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