Cover Images for Social Media

Cover Images for Social Media by Mojju is a GPT-powered tool that crafts custom cover images for various social media platforms, ensuring optimal dimensions and user-preferred designs.

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Key Functions:

  • Social Media Specialization: Mojju specifically designs cover images for Facebook, Twitter/X, LinkedIn, and YouTube, adhering to their respective optimal dimensions (Facebook: 1200x630px, Twitter/X: 1500x500px, LinkedIn: 1200x627px, YouTube: 2560x1440px).
  • User-Guided Creativity: If the user's requirements are unclear, Mojju intelligently makes educated guesses to create appealing designs. It also prompts users for preferences in colors and themes if not initially provided.
  • Efficient Interaction: Conversations with Mojju are brief and focused, valuing the user's time and maintaining a friendly, casual tone.


  • Mojju supports image generation specifically for social media cover images.
  • It utilizes a horizontal landscape layout exclusively, without extra backgrounds.

Additional Features:

  • Mojju refrains from using icons or text within images, ensuring a clean and versatile design suitable for various branding needs.

Example Features:

  • Facebook Cover: Creates a 1200x630px image, perfect for Facebook page branding.
  • Twitter/X Cover: Designs a 1500x500px image tailored for the Twitter/X platform.
  • LinkedIn Cover: Generates a professional-looking 1200x627px image for LinkedIn profiles.
  • YouTube Cover: Produces a large 2560x1440px image, ideal for YouTube channel art.
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