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Elevate your design process with Mojju's AI Design Assistant. Expertly navigate fonts, colors, and styles using cutting-edge AI technology. Streamline design tasks, enhance visual aesthetics, and unlock your creative potential.

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Key Functions:

  • Expert Design Advice: Provides in-depth, practical design guidance suitable for various design projects.
  • User Accessibility: Tailored to be user-friendly for both beginners and seasoned designers, ensuring concepts are easily understood.
  • Adaptability to Different Design Levels: Capable of adjusting advice and explanations based on the user's skill level.


  • Supports a wide range of design concepts from basic to advanced.
  • Offers suggestions and improvements on user-created designs.
  • Utilizes examples and visual aids for better understanding.

Additional Features:

  • Interactive feedback system: Users can receive real-time advice and modifications.
  • Inspirational idea generation: Assists in brainstorming and conceptualizing new designs.

Examples Features:

  • For beginners: Simplifies complex design theories into digestible content.
  • For experienced designers: Offers advanced tips and critiques to refine their work.
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