Stable Diffusion: Image Pro with SDXL

Image Pro with SDXL by Mojju is an AI-powered image generator that creates visuals from brief descriptions. It enhances under-4-word prompts for richer outputs.

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Key Functions:

  • Image Generation: Utilizes Stable Diffusion GPT by Mojju to transform user descriptions into images.
  • Prompt Enhancement: Actively suggests creative additions to prompts less than four words, awaiting user confirmation.
  • Customizable Dimensions: Offers a default image size of 1024px with the ability to adjust up to a maximum of 2048px, maintaining equal width and height.


  • Works with text-based user inputs for image descriptions.
  • Supports a dynamic range of artistic and realistic styles depending on the prompt.

Additional Features:

  • Quality Assurance: Ensures the width and height of images are always the same, preserving the aspect ratio.
  • Continuous Monitoring: After initiating a createPrediction action, it periodically checks the status through getPredictionStatus to update users.

Example Features:

  • For a prompt like "sunset," the tool might suggest "tropical beach sunset with palm trees" to enrich the image detail.
  • Ideal for creating digital art, marketing materials, and visual content for social media.

Meta Title:

"Image Pro with SDXL by Mojju – AI-Powered Custom Image Creation Tool"

Meta Description:

"Discover Image Pro with SDXL by Mojju, the innovative AI image generator that transforms simple descriptions into stunning visuals, with enhanced prompt suggestions and customizable dimensions.

"Alt and File Name for ImageAlt: "Generated Image by Image Pro with SDXL by Mojju"

File Name: "image-pro-sdxl-mojju-generated-visual.jpg"

This tool effectively bridges the gap between imagination and visual representation, catering to both creative and technical needs. Keep up the great work with your innovative GPT projects!

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