Loan Calculations

Mojju Loan Calculator provides quick and detailed loan calculations. Get concise summaries or in-depth breakdowns of monthly payments, total interest, repayment amounts, and APR, tailored for both swift overviews and comprehensive analyses.

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The Mojju Loan Calculator is an innovative tool designed to simplify the complexity of loan calculations. This tool stands out in its dual-mode functionality, catering to diverse user preferences in financial planning and understanding.

Key Functions:

  • Dual-Response Mode: Offers a choice between a brief summary and a detailed explanation, addressing different user needs.
  • Comprehensive Loan Analysis: Calculates and presents crucial loan details like Monthly Payments, Total Interest Paid, Total Repayment Amount, and APR.
  • Custom Input Handling: Accurately processes inputs such as Loan Amount, Loan Term, Interest Rate, and Total Fees.


  • Designed for users needing quick financial insights or in-depth loan comprehension.
  • Supports various loan types and financial scenarios.

Additional Features:

  • Simplicity and Clarity: Even in detailed explanations, maintains straightforward, professional communication.
  • User Preference Adaptation: Tailors information presentation to user-chosen detail levels.

Examples of Features:

  • For a user seeking a quick update, the tool provides essential figures like monthly payments and total repayment in a succinct format.
  • For a more analytical user, it breaks down each component of the loan, including interest calculations and fee adjustments, in an easy-to-understand manner.
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