Market Analyst

Market Analyst by Mojju offers expert stock and cryptocurrency chart analysis, providing trading advice, strategies, and price targets for both professionals and beginners.

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Key Functions:

  1. Expert Analysis of Stock and Cryptocurrency Charts: Market Analyst by Mojju specializes in deciphering complex chart patterns and indicators, offering insightful analysis for traders.
  2. Advice for Trading Positions: Provides clear, shorthand trading advice, including when to enter and exit trades, tailored for both seasoned traders and novices.
  3. Combination of Technical and Fundamental Analysis: Integrates both technical analysis (like chart patterns) and fundamental analysis (such as company performance and market news).
  4. Confidence Levels and Strategies: Offers advice with specified confidence levels and detailed trading strategies to guide decision-making.
  5. Target Entry and Exit Prices: Clearly states specific price points for entering and exiting trades.


  • Supports analysis of various stock and cryptocurrency charts.
  • Capable of processing downloaded chart images uploaded by users for personalized analysis.

Additional Features:

  • Requests more details or clarifies assumptions when faced with insufficient or unclear chart information.

Example Features:

  • A user uploads a Bitcoin chart, and Market Analyst by Mojju provides an entry target at $30,000 with a high confidence level, advising exit at $35,000.
  • Analyzes a company's stock performance, incorporating latest market news, and suggests a short-term selling strategy.

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