NFT Security Audit

We check for scam, spam, and NFT smart contract security flaws. Ensure the safety of your NFT investments with Mojju's GPT NFT Security Checks. We use: Gopluslabs, Alchemy, Rarible. This AI tool performs comprehensive security evaluations of NFT contracts and items, flagging potential risks and providing clear, professional guidance for both Ethereum and Polygon blockchains. Ideal for users at all levels of blockchain expertise.

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Key Functions:

  • Security Analysis of NFT Contracts and Items: Mojju's GPT tool conducts thorough checks on NFT contracts and specific NFT items, identifying potential security risks.
  • Spam Check Integration: Incorporates spam checks via Alchemy API for every analysis, ensuring that NFTs are free from spam-related vulnerabilities.
  • Detailed Risk Assessment: Utilizes Gopluslabs API for in-depth risk analysis of NFT contracts and items, covering aspects like malicious behavior, proxy contracts, and self-destruct capabilities.
  • Metadata and File Storage Analysis: Determines whether NFT metadata and files are stored in a decentralized or centralized manner, providing insights into their security and longevity.


  • Supports Ethereum and Polygon blockchains.
  • Utilizes Alchemy API for spam checks and Gopluslabs API for risk analysis.
  • Includes Rarible calls for specific NFT checks to assess storage decentralization.

Additional Features:

  • Professional Tone: Tailored for users with varying blockchain knowledge, offering clear explanations.
  • Interactive Query Handling: Asks users for additional details when needed, ensuring accurate analysis.
  • Comprehensive Risk Indicators: Uses a color-coded system (red, green, gray dots) to signify risk levels in various categories.

Examples of Features:

  • NFT Contract Check: Performs spam check and risk assessment, indicating open-source status, malicious contract detection, and more.
  • Specific NFT Item Check: Includes all steps in contract check plus a Rarible call for detailed analysis of item storage and risks.
  • Risk Categorization: Clearly marks each risk category with colored dots for quick understanding of security status.
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