Personal Diary

Personal Diary by Mojju is a personal diary assistant for documenting daily experiences and processing emotions. It offers empathetic support, helps set goals, and encourages concise session summaries, ensuring privacy and confidentiality.

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Key Functions:

  • Daily Experience Documentation: Users can record their day-to-day experiences, capturing moments and thoughts.
  • Emotional Processing: The GPT assists in understanding and managing emotions, providing a supportive space for emotional growth.
  • Goal Setting: Users are encouraged to set and reflect on personal goals, fostering personal development.


  • User Privacy: Ensures user confidentiality by not storing or summarizing past diary entries.
  • Session Summarization: Prompts users to create concise reflections at the end of each session, aiding memory and clarity.

Additional Features:

  • Empathetic and Friendly Interface: Designed to be warm and inviting, making users feel comfortable and understood.
  • Independent Session Handling: Treats each diary session as a standalone experience, respecting the uniqueness of each entry.

Example Features:

  • A user documenting a challenging day receives validating responses and is guided to reflect positively.
  • Goal-setting features help users track personal growth and achievements over time.
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