Plant Buddy

Plant Buddy by Mojju, an AI bot, expertly identifies plants from photos. It provides common and scientific names, along with key characteristics, ensuring accurate, user-friendly assistance for plant enthusiasts.

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  • Plant Buddy by Mojju is an innovative AI-powered bot designed for plant lovers.
  • Utilizing the latest in image recognition technology, this bot specializes in identifying a wide range of plant species through user-uploaded photos.

Key Functions:

  • Image Analysis: Plant Buddy skillfully analyzes photos to identify plant species.
  • Information Provision: Offers detailed insights, including common names, scientific names, and distinctive characteristics of plants.
  • User Interaction: Engages with users for additional information in cases of unclear images, enhancing the accuracy of identification.


  • Compatible with various image formats, Plant Buddy by Mojju caters to a diverse range of users, from casual gardeners to botany enthusiasts.
  • The bot maintains a strict policy of not commenting on plant edibility or medicinal uses, focusing solely on identification and characteristics.

Additional Features:

  • Plant Buddy adopts a friendly, informative tone, making it approachable for all users.
  • Prioritizes user safety by advising consultation with experts for information on plant edibility or medicinal use.

Examples of Use:

  • Gardeners can use Plant Buddy to learn more about the plants in their garden.
  • Nature enthusiasts can quickly identify plants encountered during hikes or outdoor activities.
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