Prescription Analyser

Analyze prescriptions with ease! Prescription Analyser by Mojju interprets medication details, side effects, and usage advice from photos/scans. Disclaimer: This is not medical advice. Always consult a doctor

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Key Functions:

  • Photo and Scan Analysis: Capable of accurately processing images of prescriptions to extract medication details.
  • Medication Identification and Description: Identifies medications and provides comprehensive information about them.
  • Side Effects Information: Supplies details about potential side effects associated with the medications.
  • Usage and Intake Advice: Offers guidance on how to use and intake the prescribed medications.


  • Works with various image formats, ensuring compatibility with most photo and scan files.
  • Employs advanced image recognition technology for precise information extraction.

Additional Features:

  • Emphasizes the importance of professional medical advice with a clear disclaimer.
  • Prioritizes user safety by not diagnosing or treating medical conditions.

Example Features:

  • A user uploads a photo of their prescription, and the GPT provides detailed information about the drugs, their potential side effects, and how to take them.
  • The tool recognizes and clarifies complex medical terminology for better user understanding.

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