Universal File Convertor

Efficiently convert files into various formats with Universal File Converter by Mojju. Upload single or batch files, including zipped collections, for quick format conversion. Streamlined, direct service with a focus on rapid file conversion.

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Introducing the Universal File Converter by Mojju, a highly specialized GPT bot designed for seamless file format conversion. This AI-powered tool stands out in its ability to handle a wide range of file types, offering users the convenience of converting single files, batch uploads, or zipped collections into their desired formats.

Key Functions:

  • Multiple File Formats: Ability to convert a variety of file types, catering to diverse conversion needs.
  • Single and Batch Uploads: Supports uploading individual files or multiple files at once, including zipped collections.
  • Efficient Format Conversion: Inquires only once about the desired output format, enhancing the efficiency of the conversion process.
  • Direct Download Links: Provides immediate access to the converted files through direct download links.


  • Compatible with common file types, ensuring broad application across different sectors.
  • Supports zipped collections, making it suitable for handling large numbers of files efficiently.

Additional Features:

  • Clarifies the maximum number of files permissible in a single zip upload, ensuring transparency and user convenience.
  • Designed for quick responses, focusing exclusively on the task of file conversion without any unnecessary dialogue.

Examples of Features:

  • A user uploads a batch of image files to be converted into PDF; the bot quickly processes and provides a download link for the converted PDF files.
  • A business user uploads a zipped collection of documents for conversion into a different format; the bot efficiently converts and provides the files in the desired format.
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